Jim West has built two eight-figure revenue businesses in his 35 years in the energy industry. He and his team are responsible for discoveries yielding 30 bcfe of P1 & 85 bcfe of P3 reserves to date. Jim has raised and invested over $20 MM of investor funds deployed in private master limited partnerships that have returned 6.3x invested capital. Jim has assembled a team with over 120 years of combined exploration & production expertise and has been working with the core team for over 10 years. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas State University.


Tom Wygant has managed exploration & production operations domestically & internationally. Tom has 35 years in the energy industry including 30 years as head of operations of a 300-well multinational enterprise for a family held energy concern.  His transactional experience includes sell-side representation of $120 MM in assets. Tom’s reputation in industry has helped the team attract some of the E&P business’s most accomplished families, individuals, and firms to partner with. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston.


Will is the team’s in-house landman who is responsible for assembling all leasehold for the team’s exploration activities. Will handles all distributions for the firm’s private MLP unit holders, and is familiar with the accounting of both production & financial reporting. He has handled acquisitions from entities now owned by Apache Corporation & ExxonMobil. Will holds a Bachelor of Arts from St. Edward’s University.