Capital Star Oil & Gas, Inc. is an independent upstream oil & gas company based in Houston, Texas, that conducts both exploration and production efforts in South Texas, and along the Texas Gulf Coast.

About Capital Star

Capital Star has been successful in the discovery, operation and acquisition of several properties over the past decade. In the past Capital Star has participated in and operated several successful joint ventures with industry partners. Capital Star has also headed projects that were financed through private placement investments from investors looking for tax benefits, including deductions for intangible drilling costs (IDC).


Operations Locations


Leadership Expertise

Capital Star has minimized the inherent risk involved in exploring for hydrocarbons by assembling an expert team, which has well over 100 combined years of experience in the industry. We also stay current with technological advances and form relationships with other driven and innovative industry partners.


Team History

  • 2002  –  Jim & Tom launched Capital Star Oil & Gas to evaluate oil and gas investment opportunities.


  • 2004  –  Completed a $15.5 MM, 108 sq. mile, proprietary 3-D seismic shoot, known as the ‘Mission 3D Shoot’ in Hidalgo County, Texas with 100% internal financing.


  • 2005  –  Raised $3 MM through private placement investments to explore for hydrocarbons in Hidalgo County, Texas and discovered the Cabo Field near Abram, Texas.


  • 2006  –  Raised $20 MM through private placement investments to test the Vicksburg formation in Hidalgo County, Texas.


  • 2009 – 2011  –  Capital Star has made acquisitions and have acquired additional wells in South Texas. Through prudent operations and sound negotiating tactics both acquisitions and additional wells have proven successful.


  • 2012  –  Capital Star seeks to maximize the potential of the opportunity at hand to acquire production on a larger scale than previous undertakings.  Capital Star continues to raise money to drill new wells and expand their exploration in South Texas.